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Area Developers

In the early years of development, Area Development partners were used as a means to enhance the rapid growth of Dixie Lee. This makes for an excellent opportunity to develop a business within a business.

A Dixie Lee Area Development Agent (or an Area Franchisee) is a person who is granted a protected area to develop Dixie Lee units. In return for an upfront Area franchise Fee, the Area Franchisee receives a percentage of the initial Franchise Fee and ongoing Royalties collected for each store that is developed within their designated protected area. An Area Franchisee is also given the rights to sell Sub Area Franchises in their exclusive area using the same principles as above.

The Area Franchisee is responsible for recruiting franchisees, site selection, store openings and the training of staff for store openings. Further to this, the Area Franchisee is responsible for monitoring the performance of each store developed.

When the protected territory is completely developed, additional territories would be available to expand further. Having strong and progessive Development Agents working within the Dixie Lee system adds to promote brand awareness globally.

Dixie Lee will provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Store Design and Layouts
  • Establishing Buying Programs
  • Selling of Franchises
  • Assistance with Store Openings
  • Equipment Sources
  • Operational Assistance
  • Site Selection
  • Accounting and POS Systems
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Establishing Advertising Programs

We strongly suggest to all our Area Developers that building brand recognition of your store(s) and the Dixie Lee name is an essential objective that benefits everyone, so that our marketing and advertising team can customize all promotional and advertising material to maintain our global brand awareness and look.




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