Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Who is Dixie Lee?
    • In 1964, the doors of the original home of Dixie Lee Fried Chicken were opened in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. A secret combination of the finest ingredients available to produce the top quality taste of Dixie Lee Fried Chicken resulted in immediate success. Public response was so positive it necessitated the original founders to open stores to meet the demand.

      Later fish was added to the menu which created a positive customer response. An All-Canadian franchise company, with the Head Office located in Belleville, Ontario, Dixie Lee now boasts over 60 stores across Canada ready to provide our customers with high quality food products at economical prices along with fast, friendly service.

  • Where Would You Like Your Business?
    • The choice is yours! With being a proven and growing company there are many locations and opportunities available.

      Consideration will be given to establishing in an erea that you have chosen. After demographic studies are completed, Dixie Lee will recommend the best sites in your area. The area must exceed the minimum site requirements of our site selection criteria. In addition to space, exposure and rent, the location must present sufficient demand for our product. Your success is our success!

  • How Can I get Started?
    • In a way you have already started by inquiring for information. Not everyone is suited to own and operate their own business. You owe it to yourself to arrange for an interview so that you are able to determine whether you would be successful and enjoy the challenge and benefits of self employment.

      Please complete our Credit Application and return it to us. We will then set up a convenient time that we can meet and discuss in greater detail your future with Dixie Lee.

  • What is Franchising?
    • Franchising may be defined as a system of distribution in which one enterprise, the franchisor, grants to another, the franchisee, the right to operate a business in accordance with prescribed methods and procedures controlled by the Franchisor. The Franchisor offers his technical expertise, an approved system, and trade marks or other distinguishing marks or names, as well as the initial and ongoing operational support, in return for a continuing right to compensation from the franchisee. The aim of franchising is to achieve financial goals for both parties by combining the strength and expertise of centralized buying and merchandising with the energy and ingenuity of local private ownership and management.

  • Who are the Franchisor and Franchisee?
    • The franchisor is Dixie Lee and the franchisee is anyone granted the right to operate a Dixie Lee franchise in accordance with the Dixie Lee system.

  • How Much Cash do I Need?
    • Most Dixie Lee franchisees start a franchise business with a working capital of $25,000 to $40,000. The funds can be obtained from various sources such as savings, family, friends, investors or home equity.

  • What Can I Expect to Earn?
    • Earning estimates will also be provided for each specific location. Your success as a franchisee depends upon many variables, including location, competition, and how effectively your business is operated.

  • Is Food or Management Experience Necessary?
    • No, this experience is unnecessary. It is estimated that only 30% of Dixie Lee franchisees have food or management experience. Management or business experience is helpful but not essential, as training is provided.

  • Do I Own My Business?
    • Yes, you will own your business, but you will have operational assistance from the franchisor whenever you require it.

  • How Much Do I Spend on Advertising?
    • Building recognition of your store and the Dixie Lee name is an essential objective that benefits everyone. For this reason each franchisee is required to spend 2% of gross sales on local advertising, a further 2% is required to be spent on regional advertising (if a regional advertising program has been established in your area) and a further 1% Ad Council Fee is levied for the creation of advertising and P.O.S. material that is required for each outlet.

  • How Much is Your Franchise Fee?
    • For a Franchise Fee of $25,000, you will receive a proven business concept, an established name and an exclusive territory. The franchisor also provides start up assistance, as well as ongoing assistance on a regular basis, extensive initial training, site location analysis and lease negotiation assistance.

  • How Much Do I Pay For Royalties?
    • All franchisees pay 6% in royalties.